Thinking about the rebirth of the National Alliance in Italy, and party leader Fini’s rejection of fascism, reminded me of when I was a kid and my friend and I were supposed to DJ the middle-school dance
and we were afraid we’d get beat up by the “scary” black kids unless we had some really hard, tough rap music.

I read SPIN magazine back then, and saw a review of the debut album by some guy named Schoolly D.

The reviewer accused Schoolly D of “Glorifying murder like a fascist fool.

I thought, “Hey, if the record is truly violent and fascist, I can play it at the school dance and everyone will
think I’m so tough they’ll stay away from me!”

So I ordered the record, and guess what? BEST RAP ALBUM OF ALL TIME. STILL MY FAVORITE RAP ALBUM.

Recorded in Schoolly D’s bathroom, if I remember correctly.

Mandatory youtube video description: Schoolly D, “I Don’t Like Rock’N’Roll”


By the way, we never DJ’ed the dance. I can’t remember why we lost the gig, but it’s probably for the best because we only had, like, 10 records and a handful of cassettes. How many times
can people listen to Dream Into Action and The Hurting?

PS: As you probably know, Schoolly D has experienced a rebirth of his own, not unlike Alleanza Nazionale: He does the music for that cartoon about the milkshake that people on drugs watch.