I’m not a huge fan of Matt Bai, but I agree with what he’s saying here:

But you know, I’m 39, and I also think a lot of people in my generation are ready to turn the page on this failed era of baby boomer government. Is there anything in American politics and government that the boomers have left better off than when they inherited it? So I think (Obama) speaks to that, too. And that’s a powerful idea. It’s not a theory of economics or some new way to combat radical Islam, but it is a theory of change — this notion that politics can’t improve until we leave the culture wars of another era behind. That matters.

I’m really gonna miss hearing our leaders argue over who did what during the Vietnam War. . . LOL. . .

Would someone please write a book called Baby Boomers Suck: In Fact, They Sucked the Whole Time? I would start a book club just to be able to talk about that book.

“Umm. . . Mr. Rees, we love your book club. . . but we’ve been discussing the same book for three years now!”