One of my favorite people-I-always-read-even-though-he’s-culpable-for-my-internet-addiction weighs in on “What Obama can do.”

What Obama appears able to do is respond to traditional, sound bite, gutter politics by adding nuance, providing context and elevating the conversation — at least in certain circumstances.

Liberals have spent decades trying to figure out how to deal with a political landscape and a vapid media that abhors nuance and context, and searched for candidates who can speak without such complexity.

To have a leader that doesn’t always have to oversimplify the message in order to be heard is quite an asset.

Ahh, but is it an asset, Mr. Scher? Or is it a horrible liability that must be destroyed?

Speaking of curses (I originally wrote “curse” instead of “liability”), is it true that Aztecs made and used coins the size of manhole covers? I have this image in my head of Aztec dudes hanging out, leaning on their enormous coins. Or is that an old-wives’ tale?