I read the most interesting, most powerful collection of essays in this weekend’s New York Times. It’s called “Reflections on the Invasion of Iraq.”

(I guess we invaded Iraq or something? I’ll try to learn more.)

The essays are written by “experts on military and foreign affairs.” The essays are to help us learn. To help us reflect.

We’re going into “Reflections Mode” here at, in honor of it!

(In honor of the Times piece, not in honor of . . sorry, didn’t mean to get you caught up in a NEVER-ENDING SEMANTIC REFLECTION.)

PS: You can’t pinch this blog! I WISH YOU A MERRIE SAINT PADDER’S DAYE!


3/10/08 – 3/16/08

Taking our cue from the New York Times, this week we reflect on the five-year anniversary of the Iraq war.