I wasn’t crazy about the series finale of The Wire &mdash Michael-as-the-new-Omar was completely retahded, as was/is everything about McNulty &mdash but television history was made Sunday night, as Lance Reddick (as Cedric Daniels) delivered the GREATEST “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK” IN TV HISTORY! Best line reading ever! All Emmy superdelegates must vote for that, please please please!

Remember? It was when he burst out of the courthouse with A.S.A. Ronnie Pearlman and they were really upset, and she was like, blah blah blah the case will fall apart, our careers will be destroyed or something, and he was leaning on the wall and then he said, “I don’t give a FUCK.

I like to consider myself a connoseiur (conneseuir? connuisserur? hard word) of “I don’t give a fuck”s, and I gotta say, that one made me L-Out-L with pleasure. It was like watching Tiger Woods hit a bogey-9 under the par, or however you say all that golf junk.