John McCain has been endorsed by Pastor John Hagee! Thank you, Jesus. I could listen to Hagee’s voice/words of wisdom all day.

I like it when Hagee calls the Catholic Church “The Great Whore.” It makes me giggle; I don’t know why. I also like it when he says “False Cult System.” Like I’ve always said, the only thing worse than a cult system is a false cult system. Because that means your whole cult system is totally fake.

I also have to say: I LOVE HOW FAT HE IS. Some guys just carry their weight well. Hagee is one of those guys. I think his booming voice justifies his enormous weight. (I’m referring to his physical and intellectual weight, of course.)

Check out the amazing wallpaper at the 1:00 mark. I’m headed out to Home Depot to see if they have it in stock! If they do, I’M GOING TO HAVE THE MOST INTENSE DINING ROOM IN NEW YORK STATE.